The kills berlin

the kills berlin

of each song/before the next song, such was her visual similarity to Joey Ramone in this respect. The, kills were exactly what I thought they'd be, which sounds like faint praise, but is simply legit praise. You came from near and far, some already had tattoos and for a handful these were your very first! T, the hyperactive child who ate 4 candy bars just picked up a gun!" Fwiw, we got 1 of 2 of the power ballads I was really hoping for, "Black Balloon" (but no "Goodnight Bad Morning plus "Baby Says so no complaints there. Finally, I weave (heh) a silly note about Rock Hair: Whereas The, kills ' Mosshart owned the stage, flailing about w/ her wild white hair, Sanchez seemed reticent/shy (bold performance aside moving rarely almost hiding behind her long black curls to the point that. They knocked out "U.R.A. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the band creating this sound was a 3-woman outfit (despite my knee-jerk twinge of liberal guilt at said surprise, having assumed it'd be guys backing the female lead singer based on their sound, lol). I liked what I could find of theirs online pre-show they were even stronger live which, given their *heavy* sound, is no small feat.

Huge thanks to everyone at Shamrock Social Club Inc. The real revelation of the night was opener.A. Live, their powerful drummer drove the bus it would've ended up in a ditch if lead singer Sade Sanchez's vocals lead guitar weren't both up to the task of matching that strength.

Berlin, Nuke Club, december 5th, 2018. Killer-oop, unfortunate near-pun there-3-song encore, which they opened by absolutely shredding "Tape Song." Then on the last encore song ( they have many songs that could lyrically fill that slot "Sour Cherry Mosshart smiled playfully wagged her finger at the crowd during the chorus, "G-g-g-go. Read more, report as inappropriate). Types of music maybe a foot 1/2's diff. This feature is not available right now. Witch my two-word review for them, arrived at mid-2nd song, was "hypnotic filth" ( I mean that as positively as possible.

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