Mai restaurant nürnberg langwasser

mai restaurant nürnberg langwasser

of the historic house, the site specific installation: Museum Clausum: Now and Then, featured 20 photographic prints and the video work Soane Time. Independence The Annal exhibition of the Estonian Artists Association Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia Painting 2002 The annual exhibition of the Estonian Painters Association, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia Real abstractionism Tartu Art House, Estonia Ars longa Raatuse Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia 2001 Estonian painting in the 20th. However, through techniques and devices, he proceeds to trash the absolute realism of photography by subverting the image, literally from within. Studium der Theater- und Filmregie. Publikation «Hanns Kunitzberger, Ausgewählte Arbeiten ».

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Lives and works in Paris. Barcelona exposiciones individuales 2013 Gabinete Estampa. Sein Vater André Borderie war Maler, schuf Wandteppiche und bedeutende Keramiken in den 50er Jahren. Exhibition at the «City Banners» event in Lyon. Salvi e Piccola Europa, open 1997, Palazzo Oliva, Sassoferrato (AN). Sociology leads to Dogon dancers of Mali, then to research in psychiatric hospitals in France, a group therapy based on the use of masks. Recorreguts III, 2014 100x80cm, tecnica mixta sobre tela Recorreguts IV, 2014 100x80cm, tecnica mixta sobre tela Recorreguts V, 2014 100x80cm, tecnica mixta sobre tela Vestigis bn I,2014 56x76 cm, tecnica mixta sobre paper Vestigis bn II,2014 56x76 cm, tecnica mixta sobre paper Recorreguts III, 2014. 2004 Galeria Metiers dArt Sant Roch, Traç dun sentiment (Stroke of a Feeling Drawings, Céret, France.

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