Bremen dortmund 2019

bremen dortmund 2019

total price is way higher than the price mentioned at the beginning wyndham hamburg - it is probably a scam! Check the official rate exchange the day you are buying and make sure no one takes more than what he should. Scammers use promises as: "cheapest / lowest prices online" etc. . Google its name and check out forums online and Facebook. Some sites have more sites with different names and no one knows that they are connected.

Registered address and company name. If you have found a bad review on us please kindly go into our message Board and understand why.

You should check on every site the About Us, Contact Us and Terms of Use checking if this site is not hiding information from you as: company name and office address. to seduce customers, they are very nice and helpful to you until you buy, after that their services are really poor, Also it is advised to check their real final price after all extra hidden charges which usually are added including inappropriate rate exchanges (please. If there is no information on the site - it is probably a scam!

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Prices In Different Currencies, some sites show prices in one currency at the beginning and charge prices in a different currency at the end which is ok basically But not when the exchange rate (the official difference between the two currencies) is much higher than. A really bad situation which you buy tickets and a day before the match you get a call that there are no tickets for you or you get a different category (usually a lower one). (Why sell them from the first place?). Some sites do not show any information about themselves. No Office Address And No Company Name. Make a virtual order go to the end of the process (until putting your credit card) and see the difference between the price you saw at the beginning and the price at the end. If you are charged in a really higher price due to exchange rate - it is probably a scam! ( m/message-board extra Hidden Charges, some sites declare that they offer the cheapest prices online, that can be true when you see the price at the beginning but when you continue, you will find a much higher price than you saw at the beginning due.

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