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2012. 6 Regensburg in the 16th century Between 11, the Stone Bridge across the Danube was built at kabarett in berlin friedrichstraße Regensburg. Regensburg became the cultural centre of southern Germany and was celebrated for its gold work and fabrics. 147150 "Book of Nature". Siemens was the first multinational company to come to Regensburg, a milestone in the city's development after World War.

25 The city's BioPark, representing Bavaria's second largest biotech cluster, hosts numerous research institutions and biotech companies. Since 1874 there has been a College of Catholic Music, the Hochschule für Katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg. III, Part II (page 623 printed by William Clowes and Sons, Stamford Street, London, 1844 Herald of Destiny by Berel Wein. 7 At the beginning of the 1960s, Regensburg invested a lot in technical and social infrastructure to attract industry. 49, 2014, Städteranking,. Also, Regensburg's slow economic recovery after the war ensured that historic buildings were not torn down, to be replaced by newer ones. Ice hockey edit EV Regensburg is the local ice hockey club, currently playing in the Oberliga Süd, Germany's third highest professional league. Over the last hundred years, the city has experienced a strong increase in population, surpassing 100,000 inhabitants in 1945 due to Germans who were ethnically cleansed from eastern parts of the Third Reich, especially from the Sudetenland. For other uses, see. 5 In 1096, on the way to the First Crusade, Peter the Hermit led a mob of crusaders that attempted to force the mass conversion of the Jews of Regensburg and killed all those who resisted. When the upswing in restoration reached Regensburg in the late 1960s, the prevailing mindset had turned in favour of preserving the city's heritage.

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