Dusseldorf bombed ww2

dusseldorf bombed ww2

to be as wholehearted in the attack on oil as in the past you have been in the matter of attacking cities, I would have little to worry about." - Air Staff Chief Sir Charles Portal to Sir Arthur Harris, November. British Concepts Until late 1943, the official bombing policy of the United States Army Air Force (usaaf) in Europe was to hit German military and industrial facilities, and not to bomb entire urban "areas". . The Pathfinder target marking force was just getting established and was developing its techniques. Levine, The Strategic Bombing of Germany, (NY: Praeger Publishers, 1992) Sven Lindqvist, A History of Bombing (NY:.W. This tactic of creating a firestorm was used against Tokyo on February 23-24, 1945 when, after hours of incessant bombing, the interior of the city exploded into a self-fueling massage mannheim vogelstang firestorm. .

dusseldorf bombed ww2

It is not possible to organize a second-line bomber force which, especially in the dark of the moon, would discharge bombs from a considerable and safe height upon the nearest large built-up area of Germany, which contains military targets in abundance? The bomb is defused, the closures are lifted the fire brigage posted online. Are we taking this too far?

If need be, as the war went on, we hoped to shatter almost every dwelling in almost every German city. . Rummel, "Was American Bombing Democide?" A brief article on the ethical dimensions of the American bombing campaigns in Europe and Japan. Once morale had been undermined it was assumed (hoped) that the enemy would capitulate (see Douhet's Concept above). Humanitarian considerations had nothing whatever to do with the matter. He did not want our kind of war.