Wmw waffen solingen

wmw waffen solingen

the upper portion of the breast feathering, but the rest of the guard retains its original detailing. The scabbard is straight throughout, with good silvering and a matching patina. Both of these mounts have fine silvering with very deep patination. The scabbard has a good matching patination with the exact bands as is shown on page. The mounts are unlike I most others I've seen in that they have been extraordinarily finished. The reverse is etched with the 1933-35 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. The blade is a fine, bright specimen, with a needle-like tip.

Wahrsagerin solingen, Freiwillige feuerwehr solingen löscheinheit 5,

We added a nice orange grip and a fine silvered scabbard as well. The bands have excellent overlapping oak leaves. Below the mountaineer in an upward pointing arch manner are the capital letters of the firm and the location city, Gust. The reverse has the double oval trademark, the same as is shown on Page. The early brass pommel retains excellent plating and shows only mild traces of wear on the top. The thicker style throat is retained by a single center placed flat head screw in the reverse. 1,395.00 AOD #35025 Army Officer's Dagger Carl Eickhorn This army officer by Eickhorn is a textbook example having the second style fittings. Whoever this aristocrat was he was obviously no braggart, opting for a very simple personal embellishment. It has a very fine pebbled finish on the panels and is nice and straight throughout. It features a seated squirrel with a nut in his paws and with a serrated tail.