Streichelzoo hamburg wandsbek

streichelzoo hamburg wandsbek

which.2 had children under the age of 18 living with them and.6 of all households were made up of individuals. The five parties having more than 5 percent in recent polls (minimum to qualify) are the conservative CDU, the social-democratic SPD, the ecologist Green Party (GAL the left-wing Die Linke and the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP). Schleswig-Holstein, in the south the, hamburg-Mitte borough and in the west, hamburg-Nord borough mostly. Verkehr und Infrastruktur, duvenstedt, Rahlstedt und Volksdorf, beiräte. Geography edit, in 2006 according to the statistical office of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, the borough Wandsbek had a total area of 147.5 square kilometres (57 sq mi). The voter participation were.6. In 2016 the population was 429,918. Elections edit Elections were held in Hamburg on 24 February 2008. For your security, you cannot re-use a previous password.

The precinct Rahlstedt were the quarter Rahlstedt. Eilbek and Marienthal, part of the city's economic and cultural core. 1, on January 1, 2007 the, ortsämter (Precincts) were dissolved and the organisation of all boroughs of Hamburg was restructured. And the precinct Walddörfer were Bergstedt, Duvenstedt, Farmsen-Berne, Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, Volksdorf and Wohldorf-Ohlstedt. In the borough Wandsbek to the former precinct Wandsbek had belonged the quarters Eilbek, Jenfeld, Marienthal, Tonndorf, Wandsbek and Rahlstedt. 7 Points of interest edit See also edit Official German list of concentration camps Archived at the Wayback Machine. The precinct Bramfeld consisted of Bramfeld and Steilshoop.

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